About us

Our vision is to be the leading global aviation company for sustainable air transportation solutions.


As kids our toys were predominantly aircrafts or helicopters. During our childhood there was no cable TV or satellite channels. Opportunity to see aircrafts were only in books or in the sky. We grew up and chose to study Aeronautical Engineering. As students of engineering, we were exposed to stories of innovators and pioneers in aviation. The works of the Wright Brothers, Kelly Johnson of Skunk Works and Joe Sutter, the father of the Boeing 747 inspired us. We loved watching aviation documentaries on the Discovery Channel and eagerly awaited every new episode of Aircraft Crash Investigation on the NGC. Every episode taught us the importance of human factors and good design and we dreamed of designing safer aircrafts. Upon graduation, we stepped into the aeronautics industry, working in established agencies, we acquired technical skills and process knowledge. After reflecting over four decades of collective engineering & leadership experience, we have decided to set off on our own to solve the problems that plague the world & the aviation industry.

Personal vehicles are bigger, cheaper and more popular than ever and infrastructure established in the past is unable to handle the stress of our growth. We are running out of space for people to move swiftly in our ever-populous urban areas. This load on infrastructure is impacting daily life and the success of critical public services such as emergency medical aid and law and order response time. With the majority of vehicles on the road still use fossil fuels, the global pollution problem is worsening further. This becomes so relevant when we put countries in Asia in context.

Leap Aeronautics is founded with a purpose to innovate & advance the aeronautics industry to enable safe, affordable and sustainable air transportation solutions. We want to tackle the problems of pollution, urban design & accessibility of services with sustainable air mobility solutions. We are building this company based on ethics and values. We want to inspire this and future generations to accept challenges in the most difficult environments and strive to make the impossible possible. We aspire to inspire and influence generations to envision the world of tomorrow.

The challenge we have taken on is not a trivial one. We understand the hurdles we expect to face and are prepared to face future challenges. We understand the ingredients required to build a great aviation technology company. We are driven by a strong desire to innovate, compassion for humanity and our planet earth, our only home. We are excited about the challenge and confident that we can achieve the vision we have for the company. We are working with multiple stakeholders to achieve the vision.

The future is promising and we will be happy to see you there, with us. We are committed to the vision and we will achieve it from India, regardless of the skepticism among some of the people we’ve met. We need you on our side, come join us, invest in us, cheer us and help us change the world.

The Team

The founders are experienced aeronautical engineers with a total experience of 40 years in disciplines of aerodynamics, mechanical, structure design, engine components, avionics, systems engineering, flight testing and certification. The founders have worked on major aircraft programs with multiple aircraft and systems manufacturers and bring forward the industry knowledge required to bring this innovative aircraft to life.

With all the industry experience we understand what it takes to build a commercially viable aircraft, which is safe for human flight. We understand the regulations, engineering process and technology required to bring such a project to life. We continue to explore and implement new methods of engineering and pushing the technology to design the best possible aircraft.

We’ve hired young engineers, to bring fresh thinking and perspective to collaborate with us on the design of aircraft and technologies. We’re open to diverse talents and encourage an open culture to promote discussions and challenge ideas, so that the best concepts are implemented in our product.

We believe that a right mix of multidisciplinary team, an open culture, collaboration with the industry and academic institutions will help to make this aircraft program a reality.


Dr. Karun Malhotra, CEO, POGLI Co. Ltd., Kyoto (Japan), is our technical & strategic mentor. A graduate of IIT Delhi & PhD from McGill University (Canada), he has over 25 years of experience in R&D management, manufacturing, product marketing & new business development. He Joined Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Japan) in 1990 and was the Managing Director of Murata Business Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, until he left the organization. Currently Murata Mfg Co. Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan) is one of the clients of POGLI Co. Ltd.

Leap Aeronautics is incubated at Electropreneur Park in Delhi. We are advised, mentored and supported by senior staff at the incubator in business, marketing and strategy areas.


Winners of Movin’On Startup Challenge 2019, powered by Michelin

Covered by Future of Transportation Magazine

Top 20 participants in the Entrepreneurship World cup, India final, 2019


We’re constantly engaging in discussion with potential investors. If you’re an investor and would like to be part of this exciting journey, please write to us from the contacts page. We’ll be happy to talk to you.



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